Results Driven Life and Success Coaching

Results-Based Coaching entails building self-confidence to make the right decisions, asking for help when needed, and achieving results.

Sounds simple? Let’s dive into it:

The coaching process can certainly have more than the following four distinct parts, but these are very important pieces to the puzzle:

(1) assessing and understanding the person’s needs and goals;

(2) agreeing on a plan;

(3) discussing progress;

(4) ending with a summary

The first part is the Introduction and Discovery. This includes an assessment of your needs, goals, and expectations. This phase of the coaching process is truly all about assessing and understanding one’s needs. This is where we do “discovery” to figure out what you may need help with. After we have an idea of what you need, we’ll then develop a plan that we can both agree on so that we can achieve the desired outcomes.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first get to know each other. We will make 2 lists:

1. What are your needs and goals to simply please others? Are you a “people-pleaser”? It’s very common.

2. What are your own needs and goals that will lead to self-esteem and confidence?  This is where the most fulfilling progress will be made.

In other words, can you look into the mirror, and into your own eyes, and look into your own heart and soul?

It’s not easy, as we are conditioned by society to look at things quickly and make decisions based upon a “glance”.

The fast edits in a typical music video, or the content in a headline or social media post, have conditioned our attention spans to make decisions quickly.

It also has brought out the “people-pleaser” in many of us. This is a habit that I will attempt to reframe with you, as introspection is a very important dynamic of any worthwhile goal or lifestyle change.

Another important step in the assessment phase is building trust between the two of us (coach and client) by explaining what exactly coaching entails and how it will work. The more candid we are with each other the better. There will be things you want to attain, and also things and thought patterns that you would like to change. I have recognized in my coaching practice that sometimes the very thought that we are trying to change appears right in our face as soon as we decide we want to change something. It’s like the universe says “hmm, let’s test this and see if he/she is really serious!”

After this has been done, we will agree on a plan for achieving these goals. This plan can be changed at any time should new information arise. It also includes setting a plan of action and a timeline for the coaching process.

The third stage of the coaching process is discussing progress; this serves to keep both parties accountable and motivated to progress.

It’s important to remember that Success coaching is a personal development activity that focuses on the achievement of goals. Simply stated, it is based on the belief that setting specific, achievable, and agreed-upon goals lead to success.

Another phase of the coaching process is called Building Confidence and Self-Esteem. This stage is all about helping you to raise your self-confidence level and start feeling good about yourself. It’s all about believing in yourself and your capabilities, not just for a day or a week but for a lifetime.

Coaching sessions are also a way for a person to reflect on their life and then identify possible changes. This type of coaching session might help a person realize what needs to change in order for their goals to be achieved, and can help to kick start the process.

Regardless of how far along you are with whatever life changes you are thinking of undertaking, I am here for you and would love to be a part of it.

Contact me any time.

You may discover more about yourself than you could ever have imagined before.

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Wendy Isley, CH KC Metro Area


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