About Hypnosis

The Truth About Hypnosis

hypnoss-wendy-isleyThe art of hypnosis is the communication process that deliberately guides clients to remove old habits and patterns and establish new ways of thinking and acting through the use of brainwave states. Scientists have identified five basic adult human brainwave patterns, two of which are utilized in hypnosis.

The five brainwaves states are as follows:

Beta Brainwaves: Measured at 13-40 Hz, this is the pattern of our normal waking consciousness. Most of our action, thinking, problem solving and decision-making is done in the beta state, and we spend the majority of our adult waking moments in the beta pattern.

Alpha Brainwaves: Measured at 7-13 Hz, this is the pattern of relaxation, meditation and light hypnosis. EEGs have shown that meditation and hypnosis produce similar brainwave patterns. The alpha state is associated with creativity and super learning, where the brain learns at a faster and deeper level than it does in beta. Children and teens spend most of their lives in the alpha and theta states, thus explaining why they learn so quickly and easily.

Theta Brainwaves: Measured at 4-7 Hz, this is the pattern of REM sleep (dreams), deeper hypnosis and deeper meditation. The theta state produces profound relaxation; however, clients in hypnosis do not need to reach the theta state to make significant improvements in their lives.

Delta Brainwaves: Measured at less than 4 Hz, this is the pattern of deep sleep and unconsciousness.

Gamma Brainwaves: Measured at 40+ Hz, this is the pattern of hyperalertness, perception and integration of sensory input. Some practitioners of meditation reach the bliss of gamma brainwaves. A crisis situation when time seems to slow down is the brain reaching a high gamma state.

Hypnosis is the intentional use of the alpha and theta brainwave states to elicit changes in behavior and/or accelerate learning. In hypnosis, you have a heightened sense of awareness and thus, you are able to gain greater control of your mind to help create the life you desire. Since children are naturally in the alpha and theta states, everyone from a child to an adult can be hypnotized!

hypnosis-brain-wavesYou are Awake, Aware and have Complete Control…

Using a professional consulting hypnotist allows clients to relax and enter the alpha and theta states without the interference of the beta conscious mind. Be assured that you are not asleep during hypnosis. I make sure clients do not nap in my chair! The reality is that, under hypnosis, you are awake, aware and have complete control during the entire treatment. And, those who are concerned about their ability to relax or be hypnotized are very pleasantly surprised that they feel well rested after a session.

The results of hypnosis cannot be guaranteed any more than a psychologist or physician can guarantee results. While hypnosis can be very powerful, a hypnotist is not a physician or mental health specialist. I work in conjunction with physicians and therapists and require a referral to address a client’s medical or mental disease or condition. Working together is key as the best results are achieved when the client is highly motivated to change and a partnership is established between the hypnotist and the client.

Wendy is amazing. I have been able to move forward and address different areas in my life that I have been struggling with for a long time. Being open to the direction she provides helps improve your life more than you could imagine. I highly recommend her services as a Hypnosis for any area you are struggling..
Janet S.