Hypnosis Services

Hypnosis Services Session Details & Packages

Regular Session Fees:

• Adults age 23-65: $150
• Children, Teens and Young Adults through age 22: $80
• Seniors age 65+: $80
• 3 Session Stop Smoking for Life Program $350 ($100 savings)
• Five Session Accelerated Change Program:  $450 ($300 savings)
• Healthy Weight for Life Program:  $880 (call for details)

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$100 New Client Appointment Deposit required.

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 Weight Loss

weight-loss-servicesHypnosis for weight loss is not only effective and long-lasting, it is a relaxing experience! I tailor my individual weight loss sessions to YOUR specific needs for better, quicker and more  lasting results. Most of us consciously know what to do to lose weight-just make sure you burn more calories than you consume. Seems simple, right? But subconsciously, we have not embedded the programs in our inner mind that guide us to choosing a delicious green salad over a bowl of ice cream or walking instead of driving. We sometimes binge for emotional reasons that have nothing to do with true hunger.

I can often eliminate sugar cravings in just the first session. And, hypnosis for weight loss is highly effective in eliminating the eating binges that stem from stress and emotional baggage. Weight loss with hypnosis is so much more enjoyable than dieting and completely safe, unlike many of the weight loss products on the market.

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Smoking Cessation

Stop Smoking in Kansas CityIf you want to stop smoking, you are already self-motivated enough  for hypnosis to work. Using hypnosis to stop smoking is easy, relaxing and has no side effects-other than feelings of health and well-being!. I have helped many smokers quit permanently.

All you need is some assistance to change your behavior, my program at Liberty Hypnosis is your ticket to success. Come into your first session with a craving for a cigarette, and I will show you how to immediately remove it.

My graduated stop smoking program involves three sessions of approximately one hour each over a one month period.  It’s an investment in you that pays back huge dividends not only in significant health benefits but also financially, as you kick the cost along with the habit.

Your family and friends will be proud of you and you will experience well-deserved pride for transforming yourself  into a healthy non-smoker!

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Stress Reduction

dream-interpretation-servicesOne of the best uses for hypnosis is to reduce stress. Hypnosis for stress reduction has countless benefits for the mind and body. After just one session, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated, as if you have just awakened from a refreshing nap or just finished massage therapy.

I will give you tools for reducing your tension and stress response to any condition that life throws your way. Come to my office in Liberty, Missouri and experience how your personal power combined with my guidance and techniques can transform your thinking, thereby improving your health, relationships, career, finances and general life satisfaction.

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Addiction Recovery


Many people know that hypnosis is highly effective for quitting smoking but did you know that hypnosis is a wonderful tool for recovering from other unwanted addictions and habits such as alcohol, gambling, shopping, drugs, pornography and video games? When the client is motivated, hypnosis works to release unwanted compulsive thoughts and establish new, healthy thought patterns. Since the mind controls the body, the changes in thought patterns are then replaced by life-affirming activities. The number of sessions needed varies by individual and is correlated to the degree of client motivation for change.
I approach addiction recovery holistically and may recommend a physical check-up, exercise, improved diet, nutritional supplements, essential oils, family therapy and spiritual practices in addition to the hypnosis sessions.

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Fears & Phobias


One of the most powerful and effective uses for hypnosis is to remove fears and phobias. Sometimes a fear or phobia can be removed in just one hypnosis session! I have worked with many to overcome fear of public speaking, anxiety over school exams, fear of flying and others. If a student is struggling with math tests, hypnosis is very beneficial in calming the nerves to allow ease in problem solving and recording the correct answers.

I also work with athletes to achieve optimal performance with less anxiety.

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Wellness Solutions


Taking full responsibility for your own health and well-being empowers you to create the life you truly desire.

“We do not get the life we deserve. We get the life we expect.” – Anonymous

Healing begins with correcting mental and emotional attitudes about ourselves and our power. While we are engaged in the mental and emotional healing process, the body’s natural, amazing capability for healing can be supported by proper diet, exercise and supplements. To assist you in your incredible personal journey, I offer wellness solutions in my store. These include my CD and MP3 download “Focus and Improve”, DoTerra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and some of my favorite books. Life brings continuous waves of change so you might as well learn how to surf!

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Wendy was wonderful to work with and my employees really enjoyed her session! She really makes people feel comfortable and has a great way of connecting with people and building trust. I also appreciate her use of essential oils as an option in her practice. I would highly recommend Wendy!” Keli Hurst, RD, LD - Englewood Hy-Vee Dietitian