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The Truth About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural and altered state of consciousness,  during which you are not asleep or unconscious.
You cannot be hypnotized against your will, nor  do anything under hypnosis you would not normally do.

Hypnosis can be an incredibly effective way of achieving practically anything you can imagine. Fast results are achieved because it bypasses the conscious mind, the part that struggles to use willpower, and is directed at the subconscious mind where everything is stored.”

Under hypnosis, you are awake, aware and have complete control during the entire treatment. 

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I am not addicted to sugar anymore! I am in control of sugar; it isn’t in control of me! One hypnosis session with Wendy Isley at Liberty Hypnosis & Wellness and I was saying no to sweets without having to fight the urge. I had lived with a “sweet tooth” for years. Now if I choose to have a dessert, it is in moderation. Wendy is a professional, talented and intuitive therapist. The help her service offered dramatically helped in conquering my sugar addiction.

Going into my first session with Wendy I was apprehensive. I was a bit skeptical, as well as, my family. I met with Wendy for weight loss, but Wendy also helped me with an unresolved situation that I had held onto for years…. Wendy helped me resolve this hurt and live a healthier life style. I was very impressed with Wendy. She is a true professional, and a caring person who wishes to help others.
I truly recommend Liberty Hypnosis for weight loss.
Sincerely, Kevin

Wendy was wonderful to work with and my employees really enjoyed her session! She really makes people feel comfortable and has a great way of connecting with people and building trust. I also appreciate her use of essential oils as an option in her practice. I would highly recommend Wendy!” Keli Hurst, RD, LD – Englewood Hy-Vee Dietitian

I just listened to your CD… I went VERY deeply under in my own bedroom…. was blown away!!! I would like to order 4 more for gifts if you have them!!

I have been delving into a lot of inner work… and this one time listening to the CD was so beneficial for releasing stuff… I was in a place of such centeredness, that it gave me the clarify and confidence to look at and then let go of things that no longer work for me. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift.

Take care and thanks for that CD… amazing!!!
Jan V. Stapleton, RN, BSN