Healthy Weight Program

Weight loss with hypnosis is so much more enjoyable than dieting and completely safe.

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Healthy Weight Program

Hypnosis for weight loss is not only effective and long-lasting, it is a relaxing experience! I tailor my individual weight loss sessions to YOUR specific needs for better, quicker and more lasting results. Most of us consciously know what to do to lose weight-just make sure you burn more calories than you consume. Seems simple, right? But subconsciously, we have not embedded the programs in our inner mind that guide us to choosing a delicious green salad over a bowl of ice cream or walking instead of driving. We sometimes binge for emotional reasons that have nothing to do with true hunger.

I can often eliminate sugar cravings in just the first session. And, hypnosis for weight loss is highly effective in eliminating the eating binges that stem from stress and emotional baggage. Weight loss with hypnosis is so much more enjoyable than dieting and completely safe, unlike many of the weight loss products on the market.

Wendy Isley, CH – In Her Words...

I am the tour guide showing my clients the way to a more productive, happier, and healthful life. I provide hypnosis services for issues such as smoking, excess weight, stress, phobias, relationship problems, and many more. Hypnosis is highly effective because participants are learning in the same brain wave state as children, who have heightened creativity and are able to learn more easily and more efficiently than adults.

After trying more traditional healthcare options, Wendy found that hypnosis was much more effective and efficient in overcoming emotional blocks in order to move forward with her life. 

She practices self-hypnosis and meditation daily.  

She is skilled in dream interpretation and strives to integrate all
aspects of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health.

I can help you create the life you desire!

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