Roadblocks vs Stumbling Blocks

A Roadblock is something that stops progress.

A Stumbling Block is something that stops you from doing what you want to do.

What is the difference between the two? 

A Roadblock is a complete obstruction; you need to go around it or wait for it to become unblocked. Generally, you cannot simply move it out of the way or go over it easily.

A Stumbling block is also certainly something in the way, and blocking what you want to accomplish. However, this is one of the many things that coaching can help you overcome. Many times the stumbling block is self-imposed. There’s simply something in the way of what you want to achieve, but it’s more in your control than a physical roadblock in the way.

With life coaching and success coaching one of the first things we do is determine where it is you would like to be, and what it is you want to achieve. We may start with why you want that outcome and then move forward. Many times we work backward from there to see the simplest path to reach the defined goal. We may discover invisible stumbling blocks that you had no idea we’re actually in the way of achieving those goals.

What usually happens in life is that people desire the benefits of the outcome without a clear understanding of how to get to that destination.

It’s a lot like climbing Mount Everest without a plan or equipment to take with you on the journey to get to the top. Using that example, there are many stages to get to the summit, and then to get there, there are specific levels that you need to achieve one at a time because you certainly can’t make it all the way to the summit without breaking it down to different stages. 

When we define the goals and destinations, and then brainstorm different methods of getting there, we can be creative and get a ton of ideas down on paper without judging each one individually in the beginning. Think about the different possible routes to take. That’s a good place to start. Nothing’s written in stone. You can make it one rock at a time. but we have to look at all the possible routes to get there. It’s okay to brainstorm with someone else and keep your mind open to all the different possibilities that you may not have considered.

This may be the greatest way I can help you, and help get your great ideas off the ground. I would like to help you come up with 

  1. A well-defined goal or objective 
    •  Personal or Business
  2. Clarify each goal and objective
    •  Clearly put them into words, then on paper.
  3. Put together a step-by-step roadmap to get there.
  4. Activate that plan. No procrastinating!
  5. Be there for you at certain intervals to help you assess your progress.
  6. Celebrate with you when you make it to the top of the mountain

Let’s get together and discuss all of the above, and put everything down on paper in a tangible format.

We can start with the brainstorming session. 

We will help you use your unique skills and gifts to create these possibilities. In order to achieve long-term change, we help you make the most of your strengths.

In addition to providing new insights, we can help to reveal negative patterns that may be holding you back from success.

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Wendy Isley, CH

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