Understanding Your Dreams

Understanding Your Dreams

Dreams are a part of life that we all experience on a regular basis.

At the most basic level, it can be said that most dreams are an escape from the waking world, allowing our subconscious mind to explore the realm of possibilities.

Dreams are So Much More than Possibilities.

They can be about anything, but oftentimes they are about our subconscious or the things that we have been thinking about during the day. Additionally, our dreams can be a fascinating way to gain insight into ourselves, and things that we may be blocking or not allowing ourselves to thinks about consciously.

Understanding Dreams
What Do They Mean?

Dreams can be very powerful and meaningful, but it is not always easy to figure out what they mean.

People have been trying to interpret dreams for centuries, even before Coaching was a thing. There are many different theories about what dreams mean and how to interpret them, but there is no one way that is right for everyone. This is one of the ways that I may be of help. We want you to be excited about the 20-30% of your life that has true insight into who you are, how you imagine yourself to be, and what you may want out of life now and in the future.

On the surface, Dreams can be hard to understand, but the best way to start understanding them is by keeping a dream journal and writing down everything you remember so you can look back at them later. You may be surprised at what is going on in your subconscious that you are not aware of.

Try something new
Here’s an Idea:

Try this next time that you wake up from a vivid dream: let the dream continue as you are waking up. Do not immediately start worrying about the upcoming day’s responsibilities. Give it a few minutes. Make a concerted effort to Change the Way you Start Your Day for a change. Just let your dream continue, and then keep notes, or better yet, use a voice recorder to get your thoughts down in a tangible format. Start a new habit: enjoy your personal time consciously replaying the subconscious thoughts that you woke up with. You will find it easier each time and the memories will become more vivid and tangible. You will feel the power of this untapped resource. And the Resource is You.

A bit of history:

Dreams have been around for as long as humans have existed, and they may be the oldest form of storytelling. The earliest recorded dreams date back to ancient Egypt, 3200 BC. The Egyptians believed that dreams were messages from their gods, sent to guide them through their lives. We see this belief echoed in many other cultures throughout history; most notably in ancient Greece and Rome, where dream interpretation was a highly respected profession.

What Is Dream Interpretation?

Dreams are one of the most fascinating aspects of human life. They are a window into our deepest desires and fears, and they can help us to understand ourselves better. For example, through dreams, we can see with clarity what feelings and thoughts are clearly important, or what may also help us be happy. Dreams are a fascinating phenomenon that we all experience, with some people reporting more vivid and intense dreams than others.

One thing that is agreed upon by most experts is that dreams help us process our emotions and thoughts before we go to sleep, which can be helpful in understanding their meaning.

Dreams can also be triggered by things that happen during the day or previous events in your life, which means they can be caused by anything from the weather to something you ate for dinner last night. Furthermore, dreams are used to store memories and to learn from them, to get rid of unwanted memories, and to sort through complicated emotions. Sleep is shown to help keep memories.

get up
Record Your Thoughts When You Get Up

Some people find that dreams offer a window into their unconscious, while others might see them as a way to make sense of their current life situation.

This is one way that a coach may be of help. I can help you bring your dreams to the surface and Put your Dreams to work for you.

You may discover a Pathway you may never have imagined before.

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